Still photos of the therapist and the client

Has anyone else had concerns about the photos that are taken of the therapist and the client? I have recently informed my clients that a still photo was taken when they signed in. Only two clients were aware of the photo. I also had a photo taken of me that I didn’t know about when I was passing through my office. I now have a security slide over my camera.

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A colleague who also uses Doxy told me that his patient was taking pictures of him while in session. I think this is concerning, but probably unavoidable since the patient can always do a screen grab from their end while in a video chat. I’m not sure this is an issue with Doxy. I try to remember to click my camera off in Doxy when I’m not in a session but am still logged on.

Do you inform all of your clients that their picture is taken when they sign on? I don’t remember learning that or that Doxy was taking pictures of me at various times during the session. I did buy a camera slide and use it in between sessions. My clients were surprised to here their pictures were being taken.

I see that there is a screen shot of the client that is used as an avatar for when they turn off video or when video drops because of connection issues. I do not think this is stored anywhere on my computer, except maybe in the browser cache. If you want you can always take a screen shot of the client, but I’ve only used that when working with families with young children and I’ve always informed the family and asked for permission.


I don’t think you’ve actually articulated what your concern is, exactly?

That picture is taken so the provider can see that the person on the other end is actually their patient before starting the call. It’s not stored or saved anywhere. What is the problem with it, and what is your alternative proposal for proving the identity of the patient before the call begins?