Storing phone numbers of patients

Is there a way to store patients’ phone numbers, so I do not have to type in their phone number each time to send a text invite?

Thank you for posting, @rennerlmhc. Currently, a cornerstone of’s security philosophy is that we do not store patient data. If we decide to change that at some point or if we develop an extension to retrieve patient information from other systems, then we will keep this request in mind. We just had the same request here for email invitations.

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My email addresses populate on doxy, probably thru my outlook email settings. I agree though, it would be nice to have telephone numbers saved.

I like the current NO PATIENT data stored as it maintains HIPAA Compliance Standards which is primary reason most of us use Doxy.Me (Inexpensive, Effective, HIPAA Compliant). without HIPAA is a no go!

While it is a minor hassle, I have all my client data (phone numbers and email addresses) on EMR and simply cut and paste the phone numbers - it takes 3-5 seconds. If you are using any digital calendar system you should have the phone numbers and email right, there… it will take you a few seconds - just cut and paste - 2-5 seconds. If you are old school, I recommend keeping your clients on a simple password protected Excel spreadsheet (e.g., Client Name, Phone #s, Email Address) numbers and then just cut-and-paste. One you have the list it will take you maybe 2-5 seconds. When I have a client who’s running late, I will send both phone and email. All the best,


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Thank you for your helpful suggestions, @mclcpc, and please rest assured that at no point in the future will become non HIPAA compliant. If we ever do decide to go the route of storing some patient data, we will first develop the appropriately secure infrastructure to remain in compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, etc., while doing so. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome! :slight smile: One other aspect of this request that may not have been considered is the following. Unless your intention is to provide a scheduling calendar and a client data base, the request makes little sense as having a simple data base does not create the situation that was requested. If you merely have a database of clients, you would still need to look up the specific client on a list in the database and cut-and-paste as without a scheduler Doxy would not automatically know whose information populate into the blanks for email and phone number into the appropriate drop-down blank.