Stripe in office sessions

I will be using a hybrid model, some face to face sessions with clients, some virtual sessions continuing to use Doxy. I like getting paid utilizing Stripe.
How do I continue to use Stripe with clients who see me in my office without having to log into Doxy? Stripe offers several partner resources for terminals and software. Does anyone have any experience with, or could recommend any of those options, or is there a different way to continue to get paid with stripe when seeing clients in the office?

I’ve used 2 options. Krossroads POS can interface with either of the two credit card scanners that Stripe sells. You will need to download an app to your mobile phone or tablet to do that. The nice thing about Krossroads is it doesn’t charge an additional fee for the basic service, so all you do is pay Stripes’ service fees.

The other option is to go to Stripe and manually enter the credit card information. Log into Stripe and go to the Home page. Click on “Payments” in the left column. In the upper right hand corner is a blue button that says Create Payment. Click on that and you can enter the amount of the payment, the client’s name, and credit card information. If you click on the Customer field, you can also enter the name of the client and the client’s email address. You can save the credit card info and in a few clicks each time, can bill the client’s card.

I find the manual method is much less trouble than using Krossroads, but either method will work.

Thank you. I appreciate it.