Stripe Integration and Zipcode Validation

Well, this is ironic. Doxy’s credit card payment interface for its Stripe integration just a few weeks ago started requiring clients submit a zipcode when they use their credit card in session. Today, I log into Stripe and get an alert that Stripe has decided to do away with zipcode validation altogether.

Does this mean our clients will no longer be prompted for zipcodes?

We don’t use Doxy for credit card payments so I can’t speak specifically to this issue. The reason a credit card payment system might want the Zip code is to decide what the sales tax is on your goods and services. If you are providing a service which is tax-free Stripe may have decided it doesn’t need to compute the sales tax rate…

Hi @integrationbyparts! Thanks for reaching out to us! There are some instances where we may still ask or request a zip or postal code from our providers, but we do intend to remove that postal requirement from our patient payment steps. We’ll be looking to update that information for patients over the next few weeks, and hopefully that will make it a bit easier for patients to fill out payment information.

Thanks for taking the time to hope on our discussion board, and do let me know if I can answer any other questions about zip codes and payments!

~ Andrew