Subtitles for hard of hearing clients

Good Morning! I have a client who is hard of hearing and I am curious about if could ever have a subtitle feature and perhaps also if any of you know of any other products or features out there I could combine with that could help with this…Thanks! Betsy

Hi Betsy, and thank you for posting on the discussion board!

Yes! This is definitely something we plan on doing, but it probably won’t be for a little while. I haven’t personally tried it out yet, but in theory one of these types of speech to text services could listen to the audio via the speakers while on a call and add text to the screen

But, you’d want to find one that doesn’t send the data to a third party server or ensure the service meets your compliance requirements.

If you combine doxy with a phone call the audio part can be delivered as text with a telephone provided free. We all pay a small free on our phone bills to pay for it. Have your patient contact the local phone company.