Suggestion to Update the Waiting Room

I really like the waiting room feature of, and it is one of the reasons that I have stayed with this platform. I use the waiting room like a bulletin board for my patients, and I include articles and links that may be of interest to them. The only problem is the format. Having just one column of information limits what shows up “above the scroll.” Are there any plans to remake the waiting room with more than one column and greater flexibility to add content?


How do you post things in the waiting room?

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We are always looking to improve the waiting room. I believe the concern right now for not having more than one column is a display issue for some smaller devices and mobile devices where it may not be seen properly on all devices due to the smaller size. We are working on improving the mobile experience and hope to have more flexibility later in the year.


That would be great. It is a nice asset to the patient experience, and I would like to capitalize on it.

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Ann Marie Codori

How can the therapist post or securely send documents through Doxy?

Click on “Edit Waiting Room” in the left column while in “Dashboard.” Click on the big plus sign, and you have three options. Text, image or video. Video is new!! Then upload and save.

Re posting texts, docs in “Waiting Room”. .

1.May a client be live when posting?
2.How can the client download the image?
3. Can the Therapist control which saved images can be seen and downloaded by a particular client ?
4. How many documents can be saved?
5. Can a client securely return their signed document or send a message to the Therapist via Doxy?
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I’m sorry, but I don’t know the answers to your questions. Let’s hope a Team member chimes in here.

That’s a fantastic idea! I, too, use the waiting room as a place to post articles, etc., of interest to my clients. The ability to format it in two columns would be very helpful.

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One of the things I really like about is that I can add a link directly from my website to the waiting room. I routinely direct my clients to log in through my website, not through, and I identify that page of my website as my “virtual office.”

I started doing this when the waiting room links broke and my clients found themselves in someone else’s waiting room, instead of filling out my pre-session questionnaire. After the link problem was fixed, I kept with it, because it gives me infinite flexibility. Anything anybody has talked about doing with the waiting room can be done on the web page. I’ve also had fewer complaints about difficulty logging in, so I think I’m going to stick with it.

Once you begin your session with your client to the left you will have the option to file transfer. I use this feature to send documents back and forth.