Survey Capability

I am wondering if I can place a survey into each of our waiting rooms in any mass way. since people are technically “waiting” to be picked up. The goal is gauge patient satisfaction and/or patient information about specific topics.We would like to be able to push out a brief survey or provide a link to a survey that the patient can take whenever they want. Is there a way to mass post or would I have to go into each individual (425) room and place a link to the survey? As an alternate perhaps there’s a way to push each patient once their session is complete over to a survey landing page or some other way to allow them to engage with the survey.Again, the value back to the organization is in being able to provide a feedback loop between the patients and the organization to optimize service and patient satisfaction. As an admin, the idea of going into every one of our 425 user waiting rooms to post a survey is very unappealing but if there was a way for me to post a survey as part of a waiting room template and it would populate to all rooms that would be great.

agree a standard survey would be useful.


We also need a quick survey of our services, not olny the session, but the overall service, and do at the end of the session. That funcionality would be very useful.

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I sure hope more folks find this to be a valuable addition to the platform.

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I know I have received a lot of requests similar to this as a customer service representative. I know its is a feature our devloper’s are considering. Of course, one of the challenges facing our developers is avoiding the storage of personal information that might be included in the survey. For now, some providers send a survey link with an incentive to fill the survey.


I respectfully disagree with the request to add a satisfaction survey capability inside Doxy.

I highly recommend patient/client satisfaction surveys. We use one at our practice. We reviewed the capabilities of lots of vendors in this space. For us, it was very important that we could control the questions, and that it has the capability of branching logic (if a patient marks dissatisfied, we ask why. If satisfied, don’t ask why). We found our ideal vendor, and have been surveying for several years. Your criteria will be different than ours, and there is a vendor out there who is perfectly suited for your needs as well.

So, why not shouldn’t Doxy do this? I recommend that you put your survey outside of Doxy. You can survey all of your patients, not just your telehealth. Wouldn’t you want to compare your telehealth satisfaction to your in-office satisfaction? Secondly, there are lots of types of practices that use Doxy. It would be difficult to create surveys that would be appropriate for all of us. And if we could each customize our surveys, the platform becomes complicated and challenging from a development standpoint, and challenging from an admin level for users. Of course, its not just the ability to survey your patients that is important. That data must be viewable, analyzed, trended, compared, and actionable. This is why there are so many companies that focus only on this. Challenging stuff.

Part of my objection to this development is selfish. Doxy, like all companies, have limits on their new development. I hope they will continue to improve the features for their core product. If they decide to roll out surveys, other developments will be delayed or abandoned. There are lots of great ideas that have been proposed.

Lastly, Doxy is doing a tiny survey already. They have the star rating to rank the quality of the call. I hope that they improve this call quality survey. I would like to see them log a little more info, such as devices used, time of call, length of call, issues, quality rank, comments. We, as users, could fill this out after each call. If this data could be analyzed, we could get better at tech support and troubleshooting, and Doxy could analyze the data to make improvements to their service. (is it true that call quality degrades as calls get longer? Does Android really have more problems than iPhones?Quality surveys could quantify this.) I hope Doxy will pursue this idea.

No disrespect intended.