Swapping backgrounds

Would like to be able to change backgrounds. This is readily available in Zoom and Google Chat. Especially when working from home, would like to swap out with an office like setting background. Anyone else having this problem?


Yes - Having options of backgrounds would be very helpful.

I, too, would find this useful. I actually purchased ManyCam to do this, however, I have had sync issues and echoing issues due to the sync issues which made it impossible to use.

@vivesmd I’m sorry to hear about the issues, normally I recommend something like manycam or mmhmm.app and I thought they worked well. Perhaps our team could help figure out the echo issues? support@doxy.me is always happy to help. Ask for Colin as he might be more well versed in that.

I’m guessing the echo has to do with which mic/speaker combination was selected. If they are different it can cause really bad echoing.

some information I found on their website:

Fix audio feedback (echo)

  1. Disable Audio monitoring in the ManyCam Audio tab

  2. Try using headphones as a playback device to prevent sound from your speakers from being captured by your microphone

A. Connect your headphones to your machine
B. Restart ManyCam
C. Select the headphones as a playback device in ManyCam
D. Restart ManyCam

I also purchased the full version of ManyCam and have not been able to use it. There are many glitches when using ManyCam including audio and visual. The background was not reliable as every patient would require me to adjust ManyCam microphone and camera settings within Doxy over and over. I have given up using ManyCam as it added too much time. Wish doxy would retain the ManyCam microphone and camera settings or better yet, if Doxy would produce a native version within Doxy itself for virtual background.

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Hi Medhavi.

I have tried the same with ManyCam and the paid version. It can be very tricky at times, ive found what helps sometimes is to open Manycam first to make sure its connected to the camera, then X it out and close it. Then go to Doxy.me, log in, then click the camera preview on top right, switch the camera to the Manycam option, then it should link up. Then you can open manycam again to mess with effects, backgrounds, blur, etc. (Does it work this easily every time, of course not) As well, I can’t say I was too impressed with the backgrounds, there was a considerable blur or lack or background around the persons image. I have not tried the mmhmm.app and will do so next to see if its any better and if it is will create an article on how to use it.
We are hoping to create something internally, I know some early testing is being done but i’m afraid I simply do not have any specific date for it being available.

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I too have just started a trial of ManyCam and having trouble getting it to work with Doxy. I’m really hoping Doxy can implement this because I much prefer this platform, but this may be a deal breaker as I now only have a mobile virtual office, and physical backdrops are no longer practical.

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I agree that this is something that would be of great value to me. I am looking forward to hearing when this feature comes available.

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We will be sure to post in the Forum when we release backgrounds. In the mean time I will experiment with the mmhmm app and if I find the backgrounds are working I will post right here. thanks!

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This is a repeated problem that is ridiculous for the users to be fussing with or looking for “work arounds”. Doxy has been aware of this need and repeated requests for well over a year. I personally am about to switch to a different platform as it is clear the they intend to do nothing about this much requested, much needed, and nearly standard feature. Best I can tell is that Doxy just is not willing to address this. Can’t imagine why.

Time to vote with our wallets.

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Hmmm I didn’t understand how unreliable and difficult the workarounds offer are, so this makes more sense to me now. Thank you all for helping to explain.

This is definitely something we are willing to do, but wanted to prioritize audio/video quality in general, before moving onto advancements. Let me talk to our video team and see what we think about feasibility and timeline.

Quick question on this, I’m assuming you’d like this feature for yourselves (providers), but not for patients? I’m sort of assuming there may be some benefit to having a better idea of what environment the patient is currently in versus changing/blurring the background. Do let me know either way.

Thank you for the comments and feedback

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I would be against patients having the ability to alter their background. Part of the great options telehealth offers is the ability to see the patient’s environment. Are they neat, messy? Exposed wires hanging from the ceiling? 15 cats?


Having a background help keep our privacy, very important when working with people.


Yes. I would like that too.

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Add me to this list of people waiting for a virtual background feature. Honestly, the only reason I haven’t made the full switch to Doxy is because it’s not available. I understand there are other issues to work on, but with many people on staff, and it seems like many people waiting for this feature, it should be made a priority.

A virtual background feature would add value to the Doxy.me experience. Considering changing platforms for this reason. Please prioritize.

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I agree. More importantly is security for client and who else might be in the room and professionals responsibility in case of a crisis situation where to develop during session

I too would like and have previously asked for the ability to add a background such as is available on Zoom and the like.
Thank you for moving in this direction.

I appreciate being able to see the patient’s living environment and any indications that there are others present in the room. I would feel a little awkward if I had virtual background and they did not have the feature themselves. Perhaps this could be a feature that could be enabled or disabled per user?

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Thank you all for the feedback. Very helpful. Any thoughts about the value of a blurred background versus the value of virtual backgrounds (photos of mountains, outer space, etc)? Seems there are benefits and disadvantages to both depending on your needs.