Telephone call-in feature for group calls

It would be very useful to have a telephone call-in feature for group calls (similar to google hangouts or zoom) so that there can be a three-way call and no everyone has to be using a browser. This might reduce issues caused by unstable internet. It would greatly facilitate the use of interpreters, especially when there is limited access to technology and internet.


+1 for having a phone number.
I think could add a phone number for paid customers-- we have a clinic subscription, and it would be great to have a phone number for people to dial into.

Each clinic subscription could get a phone # associated with it, and each URL could have an invite code associated with it.

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+1 please!!!

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+1 for having a phone number for patient and doctors to call into. There are connection issues with Doxy sometimes for various reasons and we resolve it by having to call the patient but that requires having to pull EMR, dial the patient’s number and hope they have their phone nearby. Also some of our doctors work remotely and they do not want to use their personal phones to call patients. When a Doxy session glitches in the middle of the session, most often the doctor can complete what needs to be done via verbal communication (phone call) so the appointment would still be complete and we will meet regulatory requirements about Telehealth.
The lack of this option is the only reason I am re-exploring going back to Zoom.

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Yes! I have many older patients with no computer and no smart phone…desperately need a way they can participate…need a secure way to call in my phone only…need this to be a group function…so I can have a phone only group…or phone and video option at same time…

+1. I run a group and sometimes regular members are dealing with a broken camera or other equipment issues, and it would be nice to have them still participate if their camera isn’t an option. The phone won’t let them even open the doxy link because of the camera not working. This would help equity for both senior citizens and low-income folks that don’t have as easy access to devices.

+1 For a call-in feature. We have clients in regions with poor cellular data and/or weak wi-fi that would greatly benefit from the ability to call-in rather than use an internet browser. If the client has a blip in internet services - Doxy kicks them out and requires them to login as well. This needs to be an individual and group session option. Please please please!