Terminating Services

I have had it with trying to use doxy.me. I am tired of being embarrassed that it takes me so long to connect with clients when they are paying for the time. For the past week there have been issues but I think today was it for me. Every client that I had scheduled today missed the first 15 minutes of the session due to an inability to start the call. I am not using a Free version but the Pro version. They receive a message saying there are errors but we are unable to figure out what the errors are and what the fix is. Has anyone terminated their services with doxy.me and what is the process since you are unable to talk to an actual person? There are too many issues to overcome and I have been patient since March.


Hi Belinda. It doesn’t look like you’ve tried to contact us via the platform before, we will be happy to help you with your connection issues. Hit the help button on your dashboard to get in touch with us. Be sure to describe the error messages your patients are seeing.

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I’m having exactly the same issues as the above psychotherapist. There is a tremendous amount of stress in present times and its important to reduce that - but doxy.me increases the stress level and exhausts the psychotherapist. Its so sad that promises from doxy.me are so plentiful and yet doing what should be a simple process of connecting is now turning into what appears to be profiteering. There is no time when one is seeing one patient after the next to be struggling with your interruptions in service.


We don’t have time to be trying to find platforms. I’m cyberspastic as I was born a very long time ago - BC - Before computers. This is not a criticism is just asking for your service offered to work without us having to work for it.


Hi there
We absolutely want the platform to work for our subscribers. We want you and your patient’s experience to be smooth. We have over 700k users currently and we at doxy.me use the platform, as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out by clicking on the HELP button right on your dashboard. Paid subscribers can chat live with a doxy.me team member. We can help pinpoint why the platform is not working for you. Often making a couple adjustments can fix the issue.
From doing test calls this week, what I am have been seeing is patients trying to meet with their providers on a doxy.me call on an older device or a device and then going out onto the porch, basement or even a car in the driveway which is not close to the router at all which will cause issues.

Hi Gwen,
Where is the Live Chat feature? The “doxybot” is not a live person. And “live” is a specious feature when, at the same time, the popup states, “The team typically replies in a few hours.”


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I signed up for pro level, and had nothing but grief–poor connections, failed starts, poor resolution, etc. To their credit, the company responded quickly by email (perhaps asking for a refund in my first message got their attention), asked about my set-up, and offered suggestions for improving the experience during a call. I told them I’d give it another week, but it continued to be unacceptable. Two weeks into my monthly subscription, they refunded me the full amount. I’m back to other formats that almost always work well.


I’ve said this in previous replies, as have others, but I have had virtually NO problems w/Doxy for the past 2-3mos - everytime there is a problem, it has been predominantly the ignorance of the pt on the other line, not knowing how to control their phone. And I am out in the styx in rural OK w/limited internet - and I’m seeing pts w/NO problems daily (7days /wk).

Are both parties using either Google or Firefox? - that make a Huge difference - if they put the Doxy address in the Google box, it will use Google browser, instead of being re-routed to Samsung or Bixby or Edge if they just go to the internet icon.

Just saying, w/as much as I use this w/o any problems (from Doxy) w/.my limited internet & rural conditions, I find it hard to believe it’s all Doxy fault … these are the same problems I had initially, until I made sure to have pts use Google & do the pre-call test … those 2 things appear to have solved ALL those problems of connection, video quality, sound quality. It did NOT, however, correct the extreme ignorance of this rural population that can’t fig’r out how to operate a smart phone or computer, which is the ONLY source of the current problems I have.


Luckily I haven’t had any major issues. It usually comes down to my clients’ having a weak internet connection.


I find doxy.me to be hit or miss. I use the Pro version. When I am seeing patients all day, sometimes there is not a glitch the entire day (even when patients use Safari). Other times there are problems of connection and having adequate, much less great video and audio 50% of the day. My best guess is it works very well 50 - 60% of the time, average 10 - 20% and poorly 20% of the time. I always provide feed back when offered from 1 to 5 stars depending on the quality of that session.


It’s been running much better for the most part in the past few months; there have been days when it wasn’t working at all, but I believe that part of that may have been a system update that my ISP was doing that was gumming up the works. Everything was running slowly that day. Generally speaking, I’ve been more pleased with doxy than I have been displeased.

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Doxy just is not very good quality compared to other platforms. There are endless connection issues. It does not seem to be a router distance problem or old device problem with my patients but erratic software quality control issues. Great service for 1/2 a session then I the quality goes to the the dogs. It may correct itself or not: but The lack of phone contacts seems like a money saver but not responsive to users. Doxy seems to be run by a distant and unresponsive management team. It would be nice if the software was more reliable in quality.

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I have had exactly the same experience, including paying for Pro, and ineffectual replies from a rep who didn’t read my message. I’m done, too. Curiously, though, I have colleagues who have had no trouble at all, so there’s probably some WiFi factor involved.

I have had lots of trouble too. Seems like sending them the email link does not get them in. They have to do some sort of search for me. I don’t know if the email does not transmit or what. I have wasted client time as well.

The past week Doxy.me Pro dropped half my clients mid session and then it was near impossible to reconnect. I can’t work with clients this way. I joined Zoom Pro which works much better and will drop Doxy.me.

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Doxy.me consistently works perfectly for me. Not sure why these posters are having issues. Perhaps their internet speed is slow, or their computer isn’t up to the task.

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Lisa, did you do the zoom for healthcare professionals or just zoom pro? I’ve been thinking of switching.

I am using the Pro only and will consider the zoom for healthcare pros.

I chose to try Doxy.me because it was a recommended secure telehealth platform. I aslo chose to pay fro Premium. Due to frequent connectivity issues, I am considering dropping this platform. I am exploring options. If the free version is similar, I may continue using it for clients with strong wifi.

I began using doxy.me because insurance said it was more secure. However, I still continue to use zoom for clients who have an iphone because it works better. Using doxy has had it’s share of issues and if I could just use one platform I would use zoom.