Text Invite Interface - Removing Sender Link on the bottom


Our practice has someone schedule and send invite links on behalf of the provider ( 'Hello, you’ve been invited for telehealth, [doxy.me/provider_room] ') and recently the text message would now also include the scheduler’s link at the bottom. This was not there previously, is there a way to omit this again? It can cause confusion amongst patients who may not be tech savvy and end up clicking on the bottom link instead.

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Wow, thanks for bringing this up. I didnt know this was happening. Yes, please disable or provide and option to disable. This would bust out work flow with Shared Rooms.

Thank you for your feedback, @david-li and @JustATech. We are looking at options here as we continue to improve the Text Invite feature. However, there is a solution with the current evolution of the feature. To send Text Invites for another Provider’s personal room in your Clinic account or for a Shared Room, the person sending the invites simply needs to be added to that room. They will then have a drop-down menu on the Text Invite that allows them to choose which room link is included.

If you and your colleagues are not yet on a Clinic subscription, reach out to support@doxy.me and we can figure out the right solution for you.

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Hi cullen,

Thank you for the response. I was able to include providers with our shared subdomain into the rooms. We do have 1 provider who works with us per-diem but also has his own practice and doxy. We had utilized this text system to forward patients his doxy room ( as his subdomain differs ). As the provider may not want to keep track of multiple doxy accounts, is there a way to communicate between paid doxy members with different subdomains? Thanks again.

I am sorry for the delayed response, @david-li. We do not currently have a feature for achieving that, but I would recommend scheduling a call with a workflow specialist who would be the best person to help you find a solution and communicate to our Product team how we can account for this need in the future.