Text tone notification when client enters waiting room

It used to be that I would receive a text sound notification on my iphone when pt entered waiting room. Now only my desktop sounds. This is such a great feature, I’d love to have it back.


Thanks for posting, @drmorford! When you say that you would receive a text sound notification on your iPhone, do you mean that you had(have) text notifications enabled but are no longer receiving them?

For everyone else’s reference, both text and email notifications are available on any paid plan and can be enabled by visiting the “Notifications” tab under “Account Settings.”

I THINK the original poster meant there used to be a sound (a “ding”) when the pt entered the waiting room. I also no longer get this sound, even on my laptop, and miss it. Please bring it back!


Thanks for your comment, @agathamurray. This sound should still be occurring. In order to hear the sound, you do need to have browser notifications enabled and a sound selected. The default sound or “ding” is labeled “Waiting For” in the menu.

Screenshot 2021-06-25 07.53.33

If you have browser notifications enabled and a sound selected, but are still not hearing a sound, check for other audio/visual media that may be blocking the sound from coming through. If you are still having issues and are sure no other media source is blocking audio, please reach out to support@doxy.me and reference this conversation so we can investigate.

Edited to add: You also need to have a tab open in your browser where you are logged into doxy.me in order to hear the notification sound for the browser notifications.

I receive a notice on my iphone and the computer. You may want to check notifications in your iphone. Worked today, and am getting notifications.

Thank you for your reply. My computer does have a text alert notification, but not my laptop or phone. I have gone through lots of different pathways on the phone, but it still does not alert for the Doxy text notifications (I get a message, but no sound) that someone has entered the room.


That’s the frustration of electronics. It’s always something. You might check your sounds and then TextTone to see if your setting has changed. Or find a ten-year-old Nothing like having a grandchild talk to you in a slow “I can’t believe this” tone!

I am receiving auditory notifications on my phone, no problem.

For the longest time, I couldn’t get the sound to work on my PC. It started working. But stopped again as of this past Monday. I’ve seen several comments about this during the past year. I think it’s time for Doxy to look into it.