The Stripe-Doxy interaction

I need help with the Stripe/Doxy interaction-- for the last week the client’s video on my screen has remained frozen after a stripe purchase has been completed. I’ve had to refresh the session to get the video back. I can see that another user had the same issue using square. I’m running on a Mac, using Chrome.

Yes, I had the same problem. Running on Mac, using Safari. I’m hoping we get an answer.

Doxy appears to be aware of, and working on, the problem.

“Mon, May 17 at 10:44 AM
Hello! We’re aware of this issue and plan to implement a fix by the middle of this week. In the meantime, you can refresh the call within the session by clicking on the gear button in the bottom row of buttons that appear when you’re on a call and sync it.”

This should be resolved now.