They call this tech support?

I’m paying for the Professional level of
This week, video calls have been dropping routinely.
Tech support? Chat?..type a message and they supposedly get back to you in a few hours. That’s not what anyone call chat.

Hi Thomas,

I’m sorry to hear we’re having trouble, and would like to help get this resolved!
Unfortunately at this time, we simply don’t have the capacity to help everyone as quick as we’d like to. However, we’re doing our best to support a world-wide community of providers affected by this pandemic.

Regarding dropped calls, this is usually an indication of an unstable or bottlenecked internet connection, and there are some things we can do to help.

My cell phone number showed up in the patient’s email. How can I delete it?

Hi Tule,

Did you send out an invite using a custom email draft or template? If so, your # might be included there and would simply need to be removed. Unfortunately, you cannot retract an email that has already been sent.