Three-way call Video Doesn't Shift to Speaker

I’m wondering why the video on some calls doesn’t automatically shift to the patient who’s speaking?? On some calls it does; others not.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Same Here! It’s very annoying to have to click on who is speaking. It just started a couple weeks ago!

Do you know if there’s a way to contact customer service to see what they can do to remedy this?

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Hi David and Tracy. Some users have reported this stopped working properly as of a few weeks ago. I can see that our developers are working on it.

Have either of you tried in a different browser by any chance? I have no idea if that would make a difference, but it might be worth trying.

David, for future reference, the best ways to contact us are either here or via the Help button in your account.

Hi Adam
I typically use the Chrome browser which wasn’t causing difficulty in the past with respect to this issue.
I hope this is up and running again soon.
Thank you.

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I can try Safari tomorrow evening. I’ve been using Chrome and until recently the screen kept up with the group member talking. I’d really love everyone on the screen i the same size like on Zoom, but in the mean time not having to be distracted by clicking on the person in the group talking would be great.

Has this issue been resolved yet?

Hi Hilary,
So using Safari didn’t correct anything. I understand I am not the only provider experiencing this. I’m still having to manually click on the group member or myself who is talking. It doesn’t work automatically like it did before the pandemic increasing Doxy usage. :frowning:

I just switched from free to premium to use the group mode. I hoped this community forum would answer what I am doing wrong. But it looks as though this has been going on for 6 1/2 weeks and not solved. This defeats the purpose of spending any extra money for premium. I can just use Zoom or Face time. Last post is 17 days ago. Please let me know what the status of this situation is. Thanks.