Thumbnail to life size

Sometimes I would like to see a larger image of myself to get a good look at what my clients can see on their screen. I know I can switch while in session but I would like to be able to do it while not in session.


Hi @lynnc, this is a good idea. One workaround for the time being is: hover your mouse over the picture of yourself in the top right corner. The preview should adjust to show you the full field of view your camera sees.

The problem however is since it’s possible you might meet with people on all different size screens, their screen may crop the image in different ways.

I bought a folding screen to put behind me to hide my bookshelves and other clutter. I spray painted the backside of the screen blue, and turned it around so the blue side is now my background. I may have to get another one, to cover more area for the wide angle view.