Time Length for one on one meeting with Free Version

Hello, Would anyone this? For Free Version Doxy, having a one on one meeting, What is maximum time length allowed for meeting, before needing to buy a plan?
Also, is there a limit of participants and time allotment in the Free Version?

Impossible to find answer on website. Thanks so much!

I attempted to have multiple people on a call and it did not go well. Several times People on the call suddenly couldn’t hear anyone and had to leave and come back.

Yeah, I’ve heard that.
Would like to know how long a one on one meeting can go?
Thanks again!

Hi there, Sessions on the Free version are unlimited. You can have as many video calls as you would like and there is no time limit on each session. We subsidize the free version with the revenue we generate from the Professional and Clinic versions. So we are grateful to the users who upgrade, because they make it possible for others to use doxy.me for free. <3

Thank you so much, Gwenm.

A different question… is there a way to reverse the image shown on screen of myself? Letters read backwards. Would llke to correct that.
Thanks again!


Were you using a free account for your multiple calls? Is the call quality better with the paid account (for multiple calls)?

I have the paid version.

Thank you both.
Yes, FREE VERSION. One-to-one mtgs. (Not multiple or group of people)
Anyone know?
Thank you.

oops, I see now that Gwenn had answered. (doxy just sent me last two replies)
Ok, it’s unlimited time length.

Another question was, Can one reverse the image of oneself on video image? If you want to show anything with lettering, it is currently backwards.
Thank you again.

The patient will see your screen reversed, so no need to worry about mirroring that shows on the preview screen.