Time of day makes a difference

Hello! I’m on the east coast, doing telepsychiatry close to 100%. In the mornings, everything on doxy.me works fine, like clockwork(unless pt has bad connection), super easy and great. After about 1 or 2 pm, everything slows down, audio/video issues, etc, and often I have to go to FaceTime or doximity. I think this happens because in the morning all the west coast people are not up and running, and volume is lower on their servers. Doxy, please upgrade! Yours is the most user-friendly system when it works, but if every other call can’t connect or drops out, it’s not worth it!


I am going to take notice if my issues pop up more in the afternoon and evening too. I am also on the East coast.

It’s because I’m starting at noon in Massachusetts! :smile:

The problems I’ve noticed seem to be more related to my client’s tech than anything else, but I think mileage varies. I am more likely to have trouble with the same client than the same time.


I have the same problem here in Maryland.

my Doxy is great earlier in the day and then has problems in the afternoon and evening.

thanks for the awesome information.