Timer that shows how long you're on a call


I’ve had a few people suggest we have a timer while on a call. It could be under the video on the top right. It could be toggled on/off in the settings.


Really important for time management and billing.

New Patient Queue (feedback requested!)

This is a great idea, yes please


Either a timer, or just a clock that both parties can see. I like to foster adult independence, and a clock helps my clients keep track of the time themselves.


Hey all, we are taking feedback on a new design that includes this feature. Check it out here: New Patient Queue (feedback requested!)


A timer or clock would be very useful, for both parties to see! It would help with knowing when the session time is nearing the end!


yes a timer would be very helpful for knowing the length of each session that a client already paid for. this will help with time management for both myself and my clients to see.


This has been released with the new patient queue design. Let us know if you have any feedback.