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Hi Adam

I have been a paid user of since 8 weeks +. The reason for being a paid user is that I want three way connectivity, patient at home, me at home, staff in office. Overall I was happy with the service, except occasional connectivity problems, camera problems etc., which we could resolve. Most often it is poor internet connection on the patient’s side .
Since last two days, using the premium service,when we add the third person, the whole connection disconnects. Since this morning, even the direct connection drops ( Both on broadband, no streaming. Nothing I can think of changed.
Win 10 Professional computers, Chrome browser, Broadband connectionboth ends( Patient device/ connection varies)

Will appreciate any suggestions to improve

Hi Kishore. I have responded to the chat you recently sent us in the platform, let’s have this conversation there.

I tried the free version of yesterday but had some problems with audio and video. I ran a tech check which seemed to proceed as expected (for 30sec or so) but never got the analysis report. So switched to zoom and completed my interview. I am considering upgrading to professional hoping this would solve those issues. If they can’t be fixed, I would like a refund. Do you give refunds for unsatisfactory service?

Disregard last post/question. Suddenly I see the tab for “refund policy” Sorry I didn’t see it earlier.