Trackers and concerns about privacy

I would expect this to stop immediately - anyone else notice this intrusion ? I think this is likely hippa concerning allowing trackers ? or is this on my end? if so advice as to how to stop this … I am using a MacBook Air laptop
thanks in advance

@johnchapdelaine -
Is this disconcerting? Yes, I’m not happy about trackers either.
Is this unexpected? No. Why? It’s all here: Privacy Policy -

It states in the privacy policy that will share certain personal information with business partners, affiliates, etc. If they consider Facebook or Profitwell or whomever as an ‘affiliate’, then it’s within their right in your use of their service. You agreed to it. Especially free account holders should not complain (maybe paid subscription folks have a right to complain).

Those trackers in your screenshot-- it’s mostly about metrics. Your IP, your device, your email, etc. Typical stuff. There’s no PHI there. So there’s no HIPAA (not HIPPA, btw) violation.
You got your browser blocking those, good enough.

all true - yes it is part of the policy - yes no phi etc … just was kinda shocked! I am a paid account person … wow and you are right again I agreed … so helpful. LOL - my apple blocks so not in the category of worry zone for sure … have a safe tracking day