Translation priorities

We have got a lot of requests for to be available in different languages recently. I’m going to post this topic so people in our community can upvote and discuss which languages are important to them. Post your preferences here and we’ll take that into consideration as we roll out language support. See a list of current languages in the works.

Spanish would be useful.

Spanish and Russian are essential for us.

Spanish. We need full Spanish support. Although some patient facing screens have Spanish already, many labels are still in English, and that is a problem for us.

Spanish would be great.

Hi Jorge, my team let me know we will have full Spanish support on the patient side in the next few weeks.

Thank you. Can you give us a more specific delivery date? As you know, for some of us it is critical that full Spanish support is delivered.

If things go well, two weeks from today. I will know for sure if this is the case one week from tomorrow.

It’s been 20 days since that last message. Any update on the date to release full Spanish support??

Hello, I apologize for the delay!
Reason for this is that we’ve had to extend the time needed for testing to ensure there aren’t any new issues/bugs in the patient-facing side of and that the Spanish dialect is held to a high standard of accuracy. Supporting language localization is a big priority for us, and we’re working to have it available as soon as possible. This feature has moved further along in our development process, and as a result will likely be available within the next 2-3 weeks.

Hi. We need to understand the Spanish Language (not dialect) update. Once again we were told in Oct.28 that another 2-3 weeks, but still nothing yet!! I’ve been getting that response for several months now, so I assume it is actually NOT a priority as you mention, or we and those of us who need this are no priority. Please give us your real delivery dates for this.

Hello there,
I would like to note that the frustration on this topic is understood, and we absolutely do intend to support the folks here utilizing in multiple spoken languages. Internationalization of the platform is a larger directive on top of localization that we are working towards going into 2021, starting with Spanish. While it would appear that no updates have been made in regards to this, I can assure you that fully supporting the Spanish locale is indeed a priority for us among a few other directives that had temporarily overtaken this since our last chat. However, progress is continually being made and I can confidently say that we’ll have much better support for Spanish on the patient-side coming in mid January of 2021.