Translation Services for Doxy?

Does Doxy offer translation services? If this is not a Doxy option, what recommendations do users have for translation services that work well with Doxy in using the Group call feature?

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Language Line Solutions ( has a solution that works well with the group call feature. We’ve just recently started utilizing them. They currently have a limited # of languages + American Sign Language for videocall interpretive services, but they told us they plan to grow the list of languages soon. You can see the language dropbox at to view the list of languages currently available and how it sort of works. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to walk you through exactly how the process works.


Hi @hwerden thanks for your comment. We actually do have a more integrated version of this feature available in a private beta if you’d like to participate please let @Roman know and we can see if we can get it for you. It’s offered through Voyce currently.

The comment about language line is also correct. Thank you for making it.

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@hwerden - since @Dylan mentioned the private beta for language services, as a participant in that beta, I can tell you the feature has been really well received by my providers, and works well.

This assumes you have a paid subscription-- not a free account.

And as you know, interpretation services aren’t free, using the service through requires additional costs based on utilization (per minute).


Thank you @abrooks @svdk and @Dylan for the helpful suggestions.

@svdk What is the cost per minute?

Currently, it’s $1.00 per min during the beta. This may, or may not, change at a future date

That is a big change from our current option which is $.57 per minute.

@hwerden - yes, cost is higher, but you pay for convenience and simplicity of integration.
I will say that $1/hour is not high if you consider there’s no upfront costs, no minimum purchase or utilization, and a broad range of languages. It’s simply per minute. You use 3 min, you only pay for $3. That’s it. I’ve seen interpreter contracts that demand minimum usage from 30min to 2h (seriously) for joining a web conference.