Two callers in 1 appointment

Hi - is it possible to speak to 2 patients via at the same time? For example where the parents have an acrimonious relationship and will not be in the same physical space to log in together, can I have both parents on a doxy call at the same time if they’ve logged in separately?

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Yes, have a look at this:

Thereafter, would it be possible to remove only one of the two participants (the spouse of the patient) from the group call – instead of pausing current call and getting back into a new call with the actual patient?

Yes, you can select to end the call with a specific participant. Your call will the continue with the other participants.

Thank you for the reply!
Any idea how that would be possible when I am already in a call?
I have been unable to find any feature that would help me with this. (I have a clinic account)

In the top left corner of the participant image, you will have options. It may be visible only when you bring your mouse over the participant image… Click this, then you will see the “hang up” option. See screenshot below. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the speedy reply!
Would it be possible to have that person return to the patient queue using this feature?

No, but the participant can check-in again into the same waiting room.

Alternatively, what you could do is to put the call on hold, which will return all participants to the waiting room. Then start the call again with the participant you want. This will take only 2 clicks and a few seconds.

Here’s how to put the call on hold:

Oh alright, thank you very much for the tip and the link! Hope you are staying safe amidst this chaos!

Thank you so much - I appreciate your response.

I have tried a group call with 3 family members, and even with 2 people, the echoing mad it impossible to talk at the same time, so each person had to mute in order to understand what was being said.