Unable to Connect today

Unable to connect with any clients today. Did anyone have issues? Nothing has changed in my office. Thanks

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Unable to connect as well

I an not able to connect today either. The system appears not to be working.

Hi everyone!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend! :us:
Can you explain what you mean by unable to connect? Is the call not loading? Is the call dropping during the session? Is this happening with every patient or just one?

If it is every patient, I would check your network speed to make sure you aren’t causing the issue. You can do that here.

If it is with just one patient, ask them to take the speed test as it could be on their end.
To have a quality call on doxy.me we do recommend speeds over 10mbps. Let’s work on improving a few things if you or your patient do not meet those requirements:
Is my internet bandwidth good enough for video call (Please note doxy.me is encrypted for HIPAA compliance which can be more demanding on the bandwidth and device)
1 Minute Video - Improve Wi-Fi

Are household items blocking my Wi-Fi signal?


Best Devices to Connect with in order of best connections

  1. Laptop or Desktop with Direct Ethernet connection
  2. Laptop or Desktop with a good Wireless signal ( I can see my router from my laptop!)
  3. Mobile Phone or Tablet with a good Wireless signal (I can see my wifi router while im using it)
  4. Mobile Phone or Tablet with a strong Data plan connection (WiFi extender or hotspot as well)

Here are some adjustments you can make to improve Download/Upload and Latency:

  • Can you get physically closer to the Wi-Fi router? Always good rule of thumb is to be able to see the wireless router from your computer for the best connection (Or Wi-Fi Extender).
  • If on a Data plan with a mobile device find the best signal spot in the house, usually near a window.
  • Make sure any other data heavy applications are closed prior to the call. Check and see what’s open and closed before the call. Things like online games, streaming, downloads, or programs that run constantly.
  • If you have a basic internet plan. -> Upgrade to a better plan with more bandwidth.
  • Try limiting the number of devices connected to the internet or ask family members to pause their downloads for a while. Data heavy applications like online gaming, FaceTime, Skype, YouTube or downloading large files will affect your call.
  • Some devices will run programs no matter what, like a cell phone or tablet or anything connected to the Wi-Fi, can you try putting them on Airplane mode. Again, were just trying to get the most out of an unstable internet connection and you can turn right back on when done.

If there are ever known issues with accessing doxy.me, any and all information we have will be posted to the status page , so be sure to check there for updates, as it is the fastest and most reliable way to keep informed:


You can subscribe there to get email updates, too, so there’s no need to ever wonder!

I hope you all have an enjoyable week!

-Paige Treadway
Customer Success Manager

We are also seeing a increase in providers unable to see/hear patients. This started occurring over the last 1-2 weeks. What can I do to troubleshoot what is happening? The calls are increasing.

My doxy is not working today, anyone else having issues? Patients are reporting that they cant get further than my waiting room. The program keeps telling me to refresh.

Hi there!
Thank you for posting in this conversation.
Is this still an issue for you? I would recommend both parties take the pre call test in the bottom left of the waiting room/dashboard. doxybot will tell you immediately if it cannot detect a mic/speaker/camera.

Check out our full recommendations for camera and mic set up.

Have a great week!

-Paige Treadway

Hi Paige - I found out Doxy works better in. Chrome. It’s still not great, but at least I’m able to connect. Audio and freezing g of picture has been spotty in Chrome as well.

Thanks, Laura

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Thank you for that feedback. Would you mind me asking what device you are on?


The problem was resolved on our side with a firewall problem.

Thank you



Okay, happy to hear!


I am also having trouble in Chrome. It was working fine until a couple of weeks ago when I could not access the microphone - i could hear my clients but they could not hear me, or if it was fixed to them hearing me, i could not hear them. Then I switched to Microsoft Edge browser and it worked fine. However, i need to use Chrome as I have a program i need to use for therapy that has an imbedded video and uses chrome. And I do go through the doxyme tests and ask my clients to as well, and they are all find until i get into the session.

I noticed today that Doxy would turn on my computer’s camera as well as my Logitech camera. This was the first time I ever had that happen. First the Logitech turns on as usual. I invite the client from the waiting room to the session. Then the computer’s camera turns on as well. So it looks like two cameras are both on. Then the client and I can’t hear one another after a few words. Then the client gets lost and it stops working. Reinviting and restarting didn’t help. Going through the camera fixes in troubleshooting didn’t fix the issue. I had to use another avenue to do sessions today.
I didn’t the Chrome idea and will try that next. I have been using edge all along without these issues in the past.