Unable to see patients waiting when multiple instances open

I am not sure but it seems that if we have too many instances of the app open, then patients in the waiting room don’t show. For example, I might have the app open on my desktop in my office to see how my day is starting, then my MA may have the app open to coordinate the patient intake. Since my office is shared with other people, I will still go into a dedicated exam room to receive the telemed call and this would be a 3rd instance. At times, we might have 4 or even 5 instances of the same login open in my office. Can we have too many apps open at once that might keep patients from being seen by one of the open instance?

Hi you might have issues with this. Doxy.me wasn’t designed to have the same user logged in on multiple devices at the same time. You do have the ability to give other users access to your room or create a shared room. Here’s how: Workflow: Office Staff to See Patient | Doxy.me Help Center
You would want the other assistants or providers to have their own accounts.

I have users complaining of this. It worked until a recent update, I assume… now, we can’t have a patient in the same waiting room on multiple devices…

Thanks, I will modify my workflow.

I would recommend messaging in to support. They are usually able to help you get discounted licenses for assistants. We don’t recommend sharing login credentials as it’s not the best practice for HIPAA standards. More on sharing login credentials.