Uninvited guests to the waiting room

Hello, I am a therapist using the professional version. Three times today I have uninvited guests in my waiting room. I have not sent them a link. Do any of you have any idea how this could happen? I don’t let them in, I just remove them. Thanks and please give me ideas. I could add a password, but I still don’t understand how they can access my waiting room. In addition, they are coming from all different states, none of which I practice in.

That happened to me one in the past week. The other person and I were very surprised, but they clicked out as soon as they realized I was not the therapist they were looking for. I’d love to hear about how this happens and how to prevent it in the future.

This happens to me occasionally and I am sure it is easy to do by mistake. I am /drhansen and I imagine there is a /drmhansen (including a first name initial) or many other permutations of that. I just send them a brief note from the chat screen saying “you have the wrong waiting room” and they without fail apologize and leave. I do it as a kindness so they don’t hang around and miss their real appointment with someone else. Doubt it is anything nefarious or malicious.

I had this happen last week and posted about it maybe in wrong area of Doxy. I added a passcode for me and clients and haven’t had the problem reoccur. Doxy should look into scammers getting into our waiting rooms too. It was desturbing. They had been sitting there for 53 minutes and as soon as I came on they left.

It was alarming when it happened to me last week. I do not want unwanted people in my waiting room. There should be no way that they come in as I have not sent them a link.

I think I know what is happening. I would bet that there is another clinician using doxy.me that has a very similar spelling to your name. I have clients who have told me that are waiting in my “room” for several minutes and I never showed up. But I am not seeing them on my end. One of the clients sent me a screen shot of the room to prove that he was there. I saw on the address line that he was in the room for maryandersON and I am mary andersEN. It was a one letter difference, but he (and some of my other clients) were going to the wrong waiting room. I have since changed the background of my waiting room to show my name right away instead of it being just a picture. I have also alerted my clients to this issue. You don’t need a link to get into the room, you only need to type in the address of “doxy.me/your name here.” Try accessing my room with both spellings and you can see what I mean.