Unknown patient

Hello! The other day, a woman joined my waiting room after my clinic ended. She said that she had an appointment with me at 4:30pm, but the clinic told her they were running late, so to log on at 4:45pm. My last patient was at 3pm. Oh, and this person was located in a different country!! It seems coincidental that she would accidentally type in my URL, when it was given to her by another clinic.

Has anyone else had this happen? Does it sound sketchy?

Never had it happen.

My Doxy.me URL is published for anyone to see.

Do you have license to practice in another country? If not, I would not see that “patient” nor start an encounter with that patient.

I agree! No I don’t have a license to practice in another country, which is why that was so odd. I told her that it might have been a mix-up and to contact the clinic that she was referred to. Probably just an honest mistake…