Unsupported browser

I have the free doxy.me account. I am a provider. I sent one of my clients my personal doxy.me link. The client stated, “ I tried to log on several times and it said that my browser is not supported and that I have to get permissions but I went on there and signed up and it still wouldn’t let me do it.” Should clients have to make an account? What can she do so her browser is supported? I’m wondering whether it’s just that she needs to give permission for her camera and microphone to be used. TIA for help.

What browser is she using? Some browsers are based on Chrome and will work. But if they don’t, we tell our clients they need to be using Firefox or Chrome (or Safari for Apple users), preferably the most updated version. These are free to download from the Google Play Store.

If she is using one of these browsers, then it could be a permissions issue, I talk my clients through getting to the app settings to turn permissions on. But then the error message would have stated something along the lines of “access to camera and microphone are blocked”, so it doesn’t sound like what your client reported.

Hi there. Patients do not need to create accounts. There is never anything for them to download either.
Folks can only use Safari, Chrome or Firefox. Is it possible that they were using Internet Explorer?
I would have them conduct the precall test that is in your waiting room. This can pinpoint quite a bit.

I used Doxy free for one month then decided to pay for what I’m getting. Would feel uncomfortable using it without giving something back.

I like the Pro level because it texts me the moment a patient enters the waiting room. Fantastic feature. Also, I customized the waiting room. Nice. Certainly worth $35 a month