Update on groups via Doxy.me

Hello! Wondering if anyone has had success with larger groups for Doxy.me. If so, how many? Has there been issues?

My scenario is that we have several weekly staffing meetings, on various days at various times. We have been using other platforms for these, however issues arise when the organizer is off or sick or just can make the meeting; we also often have outside stakeholders/partners participate (i.e. probation & parole; other clinicians, etc.) - my work around thought was to create a “shared staffing room”, giving access to all of my staff who already have Doxy.me accounts, and have the room password protected, that way, anyone that needs to come to a staffing meeting joins via the general site and selects the Staffing Room. My concern here is that sometimes these meetings can become large (upwards of 20 people) and is that going to be an issue. ANY feedback is greatly appreciated!