Use of upload function

I sometimes have difficulty with clients being unable to upload a receipt or document I am sending them. They state they can see it but the link that allows them to download it is dead and gray colored.
From my end, it just says that the document is waiting for my client to download it.
Any suggestions what either me or my client should do differently?


Hi Sharon,

The 2 common issues we see with file transfer may be worth looking into. 1. if the file size is over 100MB, but this does not seem to be the case. 2. Can the patient make sure they are using a correct browser and update version of that web browser.
For Windows (10, 8.1, 7): Chrome, Firefox, and Edge (No I.E. or Samsung)
For Mac Laptop/iMac: Chrome, Firefox, Safari
For iPhone/iPad: Safari Only
For Android mobile/tablet: Chrome, Firefox, Edge (No I.E. or Samsung)

Latest Browser Versions:
Chrome 83 Firefox: 77.0.1 Safari Mobile: 13.1 Safari MacBook/iMac: 13.1 Edge: 83

For a patient to check their browser, try the following: Use this link from any laptop, phone, or tablet to see if the browser is up to date. Copy and paste this link below into the URL section of the browser and select enter.

Thanks so much for your response. Sharon