User Log out To clear Room


Usage: Therapist is remote. Clients visit a mental health agency to hold sessions via with the remote therapist. I.e., several clients use the same computer (one after the other) to attend individual sessions with therapist.

Problem: Clients have no way to fully “LOG OUT” when they are done. The browser must be refreshed to clear the client out. It would be GREAT if there was a LOG OUT or END SESSION button that cleared out the client completely so when the new client arrives there is no residual information about the previous client… (Note, therapist also has to refresh browser on the remote end to clear out the previous clients name from chat box and prepare for next client).

Problem 2 Resolved: It’s important to clear the browser’s “AUTOCOMPLETE” feature to ensure when client “Kathy” enters her name the browser does not provide her with (Client Ken, Katie, etc) names as autocomplete options (PHI Compliance). To resolve this, simply go to Chrome’s advanced settings and turn off auto completion…