Using 2 computers for same doctor account

Hi There. Wondering if it is possible to have our technician workup a patient on and then have our doctor, who is at home, be notified that patient is ready and then use same account to do TeleHealth exam. If so, how do we do it?

My staff is working the patient up over the phone and inputting the relevant info into the chart. I then start a visit through Doxy while simultaneously looking at the patients chart in our EMR by switching to another window. The patient still sees me and I can toggle back and forth between the chart and the Doxy tab. I know that is not what you were asking but just giving some idea of how we are doing it to make it work.

You can use the picture and picture mode so you can see the patient in a small screen that is movable that will always be on top and then you can be using your EMR without toggling back and forth to see the patient.