Using internationally

We get the question if can be used over state lines, or internationally quite often. The answer is “yes!”. will work anywhere in the world there is sufficient bandwidth and a supported device. Some countries, states, or organizations do have more strict firewall rules and can specifically block sites like, but we haven’t seen any on the state or country level. We’ve been used successfully in over 100 countries.

So keep up the great work, and use wherever is convenient for you and your patient.


I can confirm it works even with the Great Firewall of China provided the other party uses a compatible browser. Users over there cannot use Chrome but they can download and use Firefox


This is great feedback, thank you!

@palmdoc using a VPN or on your phone with a Chinese SIM and also verifying you’re talking about mainland China and not SAR: Hong Kong?

Hi yes, the call was with a patient in Beijing (I am in Malaysia)
The patient did not use a VPN, and he was succesful using FIrefox browser on a laptop.

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I have an Open Dialogue meeting with a family in different locations, and just found out that a beloved trainer from Finland will be able to join. Anyone know if there will be any challenges in her connecting? Any tips to let her know about? I saw that suggesting she also use Firefox might help. Anything else?

Would having everyone use Firefox help for the connections that are sometimes wonky between the family members, other facilitator, and me? I use Firefox and I am the Doxy initiator.

Thanks, all.

We have quite a few providers using our platform in Finland! You should not have any issues connecting.