Using Ipad, safari and chrome are crashing

Since the latest iOS update 14.5.1, when I am using doxy, Safari and Chrome keeps crashing. I have tried rebooting the iPad multiple times but the issue continues. Anyone else having this problem?

Hi there. We are currently not seeing any trends of crashing with that version of Safari, but does not mean that issues are not coming. Please feel free to click on the HELP icon on your dashboard so that a team member can troubleshoot with you and take a closer look.

Just a follow up. I have an iPad (2017) with the latest update (14.6). Whether I use Chrome or Safari, doesn’t matter, the app will crash about 45 minutes into a session. This happens on the client side as well. About 45 minutes in and they crash, ending our call. It works fine when I am on the MacBook.

Thanks for sharing. I had to stop using the iPad due to the crashing issue.

Yes, since I updated my iPad to the new iOS, whether I am using Safari or Chrome, doxy drops me 2-3 times each session. It doesn’t drop my patient and I can return to the session in about 10 seconds. Still, having to do that multiple times during a session is irritating. The tech adviser said to try turning off my Notifications but no changes in setting, or rebooting my iPad has had any effect on the problem.

Same issues here. we have iPads 6th, 7th, 8th generations and use both Safari and Chrome even through they are both built on the same webkit. Usually after the 20 minute mark is when we experience disconnects.

iPadOS versions 14.5.1, 14.6, beta 14.7, beta 15.0 all experience the same disconnects. This happens on our business fiber as well as at home and we couldn’t find any difference between the multiple offices and home internet.

Could doxy in Safari be timing out? Currently if affects everyone doing telehealth! Works fine in a PC/mac browsers Chrome, Safari.


We are seeing an unfortunate trend with iOS Devices crashing 20-50 minutes into a call.

  • Browser closing unexpectedly
  • calls crashing with no errors being shown
  • using iOS based devices
    It looks like newer versions of iOS are the culprit. In reading up on versions of 14.5 and 14.6, battery drain, overheating, and apps crashing are a common complaint with the update.

It appears that Apple has released a 14.7 beta version and this will be availabe to everyone soon. Keeping the device plugged in seems to help as well as using other browsers.

Thanks for the information. Have you been testing iPadOS 14.7 as the RC was released a couple of days ago.