Variable upload and download speeds

When I do a speed test, the upload and download speeds vary wildly. I can have upload of 85 bps one hour and 8 bps an hour later. Why?

Thanks for posting, @dedickman. Typically, variable speeds are related to your network connection to the internet and there are quite a few potential root causes for this:

  • If you are on WiFi, you might see variable speeds as your connection to the router gets stronger or weaker. Potential Solution: Remain in an area where the WiFi connection is strong or set up a hardwired connection to the router.
  • If you have multiple devices connected to a single internet source, you might see variable speeds as those different devices compete for bandwidth. Potential Solution: Get a router where you can prioritize a single device’s connection. (Ex: Google WiFi paired with the Google Home app)
  • Variable speeds may also occur due to bandwidth variability from your Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) infrastructure. Potential Solution: Talk to your ISP about potentially increasing the overall bandwidth for your home or office.
  • If you are on a company network, your speed can vary for any of the above on a larger scale, but also from things like security protocols on the network or on your computer taking up bandwidth. Potential Solution: Talk to your IT department about your issue and see if there are any ways they recommend that you can increase your speed or at least make it more consistent.

These are just a handful of possibilities for why you could be experiencing variable speeds, but they are typically the most common.