Verify the Amount send to Stripe

I had a client accidentally overpaid and she did not notice and I did not notice. Why is the amount that I put in not verified? For example, I asked to be paid $180.00 and she entered $1800.00. We did not notice, until 10 days later when she looked at her credit card balance? Fortunately, we can work it out and I am sending her a large check.

Why was this marked a successful transaction? What I learned is that I need to get into stripe every appointment to verify that they paid me correctly. I called Stripe and they said that I needed to talk to about your coding. Can this feature be corrected?

Thank you! I do love the product over all. Happy Holidays, Kristen

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Good it was easily rectified.

A friend’s father, around 80 wrote a check to his Church for $200…but mistakenly put an extra zero.

His son caught it when reconciling his checkbook. They called the office and were told the Church does not refund contributions. He was out $1,800 because needed the Church for his salvation and didn’t want to alienate the Priest.

Nothing like professional ethics and a licensing board.

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Yes, I have seen that with non-profit hospitals as well.