Very choppy and disconnecting today (July 22)

Actually had to reschedule with Client today it is SO bad.
If Doxy cannot be more reliable I may need to change - this happens all too often (at least a couple times per week).

Hi there
So sorry that you are having issues today. Currently there are around 19k sessions taking place successfully. Did the patient happen to take the precall test that is in your waiting room?
Have you reached out to support so that they can help pinpoint what is going on with your connection?
There is a diagnostic test in our Help Center that takes less than 4 minutes to take and can often show a lot.

For weeks now, I have not had issues with! Very glad to have ridden the storm and now things are smooth. When problems do occur, they are clearly due to the client using an iphone or having others in their home using the wifi. I got a new laptop and use a hotspot to avoid using the wifi in my home, which together have greatly reduced my mishaps while using Finally, I get on doxy.e expecting to have a smooth session…and indeed have had many smooth sessions. I now take it for granted that things will go well.

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It is important to have a backup portal. The reliability of is spotty/choppy and can undermine th3 quality of clinical care if technical problems become too distracting or interrupt too often.