Video Buffering

My video has been buffering since yesterday. I can see my patients, but my video buffers constantly, so the patients can neither see nor hear me. I’ve tried logging out and logging back in and reloading the page, but it has not fixed the problem. Is anyone else experiencing this? It started last night during the storm- east coast. Is anyone else experiencing this? Idk how to correct it and it’s been impossible to have sessions today.

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Hi there, I have been having this issues the past few weeks or more that the client often cannot see nor hear me. I will test it out with a friend and it will be working fine and then it won’t work a bit later.
Were you able to figure it out? Doxy was working well for me for a few months or more but it’s not workable when they can’t see nor hear you. I thought it might have been related to all the fires on the west coast