Video calls in 1080p?


Could Doxy move with the times and actually have video in 1080p please? The 720p HD option is so outdated and the picture is grainy and unclear at times, which does not help us a health professionals who need to closely see or observe patients.

Please reply with an update on this feature.

Thank you!

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so true but sometimes the picture is very clear and other times really bad

I find the picture generally very bad no matter how good my internet reception is. It is really a deterrent to using doxy. I’d love to hear if this can change.

Thank you for your feedback, @mattturner. I’ve added your request to our Product feedback page so you can automatically receive email updates as its status progresses.

@victoriaehmen, I’ve added your vote in support as well so you will receive email updates.

@drkrongold, we would love to help you troubleshoot the picture quality issues you’re having. Please reach out via email to or chat via the HELP button on the bottom right of your dashboard so we can help.