Video Disabled Due to Poor Connection

For the past 2 days my sessions have been interrupted by the video suddenly stopping for me and for my patient. The audio continues. There is a message displayed that says video stopped due to poor internet connection. This has happened with almost every patient. We each have to manually enable the video and then it continues for the rest of the visit. Have others experienced this? My internet strength is always good (ethernet, not wifi) and all other applications work without difficulty.


Thank you for posting, @mhsdrfrey. This audio fallback feature is something new that we are introducing to help calls stay connected when there is very poor connectivity on one or both sides of the video call. Before we started implementing this feature, calls would drop completely if they went below this level of poor connectivity. If you never have issues with your connectivity, it may be on the patient’s end of the call. We would be happy to look into the specific calls where this occurred for you to find out the cause. Just write in via chat (in the bottom right of your dashboard) or via email ( with the dates and times (including time zone) of the calls where this happened.

I’m having this happen very frequently, at least one client per day! and it always says my connection is fine…??

Thank you for your comment, @shariturnerlcsw. We are working on perfecting when this feature kicks in. We have removed the feature from several accounts who were experiencing issues with it, including yours and @mhsdrfrey.

MrCullen—please remove this new feature on my account as well as I’ve lost calls or had bad connections for the past two weeks despite both sides using Chrome and my ethernet connection with my patients. Thank you.

Yes! This happened to me with every single client I had all last week!!! It was extremely frustrating and disruptive. Just like you, it WAS NOT my internet or my client’s; and also like you, we had to continue to manually enable the video. Over and over again. I sincerely hope this week will be better!

Please remove this feature from my account, as this is happening with every client and it is very disruptive.

Pamela Caviness, LISW, ACSW, INC.

Thank you for commenting, @reasonermeetings and @pcoffice. I have removed the feature from both of your accounts.

I have had 4 clients this week with the problem of connecting, then their image freezes and/or screen is black. Some times I have audio, sometimes not. But I had to cancel the sessions because we could not connect. It seems to happen when they try and connect with their phone. Starting to explore other Telehealth back up systems as this is totally unacceptable.