Video freezes and pixillations

Video of therapist freezes on therapist side & pixillated on client side. Usually 2/3 way into session. I am paying for professional version, am near router, restart my (fairly new) MacBook Pro between sessions. Could be happening at a certain time interval. Any suggestions?

I have the same problem with freezing and loss of audio. We sometimes use the video and get the sound from cell phones, muting the doxy microphone to avoid feedback. Just wanted to normalize your experience.

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Hi there. So sorry that you are having call quality issues. This is not typical of a session. We do not set any time limits or have the call change at a certain interval. Please click on the HELP circle from your dashboard and be connected with a live team member. We can troubleshoot with you, run a couple diagnostic tests and ultimately schedule a support video call with one of the team members and determine what is going on.
Also, if the issue is on the patient side of the call, we can troubleshoot live with them, as well.

Doxy,me has fundamental flaws due to its own technical shortcomings. Unfortunately it can be a disruptive portal that undermines the professional delivery of care. Doxy,me seems long on excuses and “blame the user” explanations when the truth is the product is rudimentary and flawed. I hope they get their act in gear but they apparently need to beef up or switch out their technical team.

I have done the same thing - phone for audio, doxy for video. Sometimes when we do this, the video improves somewhat once we’ve muted Doxy.

I wouldn’t expect it to change. These have been chronic problems. I have been using Doxy for about a year now and often have to move to a backup connection to complete patient meetings. Dropped calls, frozen calls, choppy sound, chronic problems w incompatibility between Doxy and Apple products (that shut down Doxy for over a day with the last Apple update) and various other issues have me considering other portal options.

I am still having problems with freezing and loss of audio. On 3/4/21, the problem was excessive making it almost impossible to complete sessions throughout the day. When will this problem be finally fixed? It’s been a year now…

I’m about to upgrade my laptop and want to stick with Apple but I’m afraid doxy will continue to be a problem with it. Does anyone else have an easier time on a windows OS?

Hi there Jess. Please click on the HELP icon on your dashboard and we can troubleshoot if you are having issues and run some diagnostic tests if you are having poor call quality. We have thousands of providers and patients that use Apple products and thousands of providers that use Windows. If you are having poor call quality there are possibly other factors in play that we would be more than happy to help pinpoint.

If a router is older than four years old, it might be time to get a new one. Remember to reboot your router once a month by unplugging it for 30 seconds then plugging it back in to allow monthly updates to install on the unit. Prop the router somewhere up high. It will not work very well if it’s at the hip level or floor level. A router is like an umbrella, speeds trickle down like rain and anything covered under the router will work at it’s best.

Next check both sides of the Internet connection (provider & patient) by doing a Network speed test: Speed Test by Measurement Lab

Make note of these numbers: Download__Upload__Latency(MS)__
Minimum: 350-kbps - 2 Mbps Down/Up
Ideal: 10-25 Mbps Down/Up
Optimal: 25+ Mbps Down/Up
Latency is Good under 100ms, Best under 50ms

You can use an Ethernet Cord with an adapter between the router and computer/laptop device to help strength the connection. Freeze & pixelation is caused by the router being to low to the ground or the speeds not being strong enough for a successful connection between you the client(s).

are we supposed to click HELP during our session ? or after?
I changed to Firefox and it helped for a day
now today have had several sessions with freezes on my side and had to change to
different mode of communication

The platform was working well until recently. The past week or two, either I can’t see client or they can’t see me!! What do you recommend?