Video issues recently

Since the update, I have had more issues with the video not connecting. Anybody else?


After daily use of software for telehealth connections over the past 12 months, my office has made the courageous decision to part ways with Doxy, relinquish frustration from the many failed video or audio linkages lost 5-10 minutes into a 30-minute planned patient visit, and checking, rechecking, and triple-checking the adequacy of bandwidth, hardware, and Internet platforms.

This is an issue I have also been dealing with.


I have also had the issue with video often not connecting. To be honest, I thought it was an issue with my computer but camera seems to connect on all other platforms. Not sure there’s anything we can do. But appreciate hearing it is an issue for others


Not so much video but audio fails about 40-50% of the time, both at home and at work. At home my uplink is limited to 5mbps, which Doxy said was probably the problem, but at work I’m on a gigabit network (800-1000 mbps in both directions) so that’s not the issue.

Same issue here. The client can see and hear me but I get a buffering icon and “finalizing connection” message that hangs forever. Logging out, closing the browser window, and logging back in hasn’t helped. Lost a client today who’d had enough of it.

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last week one of my pts continued to get a pink dinosaur that said no camera so we couldn’t use doxy. today two of my pts were freezing. Im use to being on line but does it have to be such a challenge to get consistent audio and video?

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I didn’t realize that there was an update, but things were going pretty well until two or three weeks ago. A lot of problems with loading, audio, and video. Times when people can see and hear me, but I just see a gray screen with no audio. And a very bizarre situation where I could see and hear the client but he couldn’t see or hear me. At first I thought that he was spaced out or ignoring me because he is on the autism spectrum and difficult to read sometimes. I logged off and back on and it worked, but it was really jarring to me. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if the problems is on my end or the client’s. The connection is sometimes not as good when they are on a phone. I have an ethernet cable and good internet in general, so it’s frustrating when things go wrong. I had a session with a person with ADHD who has a hard enough time processing information, and the session dropped so many times that it was very disruptive. My clients have been understanding , I want to stick with doxy because of the simplicity of using it, but it has been challenging lately.

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Yes. I have definitely had more issues recently. I like doxy and would like to stay with it, but honestly Skype and Facetime and even Zoom have been better quality recently.

We have had success, when getting the dinosaur, by right clicking in the white/gray space outside the dinosaur window and clicking refresh. Hope this helps!

our video issues have been slim to none, but recently we have had audio problems where the audio will fail to connect on one side or the other. sometimes restarting the call will clear things up, other times we have to grab a portable landline and call the pt cell or office phone to bring the audio in.

will pass this tip on to pt ty

But are they HIPPA compliant?

I have problems with group sessions with participants being dropped

Yes I have had more problems lately