Viewing on tv and size of practitioner picture


Am am a paediatric physiotherapist and I am using the free version of I have two questions:

  1. I do obstacle courses etc with my clients. I have noticed that what the client sees of me of their side is a much wider view than what I think they can see because the picture of me (that I see) is cut off slightly. This makes it difficult because I am constantly asking my clients of they can see xyz. Is there a way to view my pic in the same dimensions as they see me (still smaller of course just an exact copy of what they seeing

  2. Is it possible to have a cast button so that clients can easily view me on their tv. This really helps kids stay engaged with the session. They parent then just controls the video’ing side things from their device.

Please advise as I love this platform but these two features would made a HUGE difference to my practice and little clients.

Thanking you