Virtual Background update

I would like an update from on whether they have any plans to offer a virtual background feature. I have been looking at other platforms because this is a valuable feature for me.


Thank you for posting, @drroeder. We do have plans to offer blurred backgrounds and potentially virtual backgrounds as a feature. We are currently still in the research phase on technical solutions for these backgrounds. We want to ensure that we don’t negatively impact the call experience through a greater demand on battery or CPU from the feature.

While we haven’t had a ton of luck in testing third party options ourselves, there are some available to try until we’re able to deliver this feature. One of our developers uses a third party desktop app named ChromaCam that he says works well with

It is a big negative for Doxy to still not have virtual backgrounds!


I just wanted to let this thread know that we recently put together a Help article on this topic since we have not been able to release our own version of this feature yet.

Virtual background, PLEASE!