Virtual Background

Does Doxy me have a vitrual background?


I’d like to know the answer to the same question. Somewhere in I came across different backgrounds available to use as backgrounds, but I didn’t care for them. However on another page, it showed a blank background. I tried uploading a picture of my office, but it would not take it. I believe I have to Upgrade to the clinical level to have it work, but I’m not certain of that.

I would also like to know and where to find them

I’m just setting up my account, and would like to use a virtual background like we do on zoom…is that available?

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We don’t currently have a virtual background feature, but this is in the pipeline for development.

Other providers have seen success using ManyCam.

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I attended the American Telemedicine Association meeting and found a nice little device called "Web Around Me: This allows a uniform color in the background. I have been using it for the past 3 years!


Our company is new to and would like to know when this feature is available. How are updates and new features made known to users? Our company has purchased a clinic license and would love to use our company logo as the virtual background.


First off, welcome! Thanks for signing up.

We try to post specifically to this discussion forum when new features are made available or when we update the platform in a way that may impact workflows. As far was adding virtual background support, we’ll update this topic thread with any information when we have an update. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much Pat! I greatly appreciate your quick response! We look forward to this addition and using the product for our clinic needs.

I’ll be checking back often.


I appreciated your comment. The idea of a logo or something of the sort on the background seems much more appealing than a purely monochrome virtual background. If this were within the realm of the possible, I think that would be excellent.

Thank you.

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OK. I purchased ManyCam after reading the response to drram1’s question. Now, how do I integrate ManyCam’s virtual background’s into

I’d like more detail on how to have the success others have reported using ManyCam with --John


How do you integrate manycam with Could you please explain the steps?

Any luck with the background features?

There is a detailed description on the manycam website on how to use with manycam.

I downloaded manycam. As far as I can see we cannot use virtual backgrounds without subscribing and paying a fee. Doxyme doesn’t offer any free virtual backgrounds?

You are correct. Only the paid version has green screen. I think you are going to make your life more complicated with green screen. The green screen has to be very smooth, and it needs even light, you need separate lighting. It is not easy to get a good green screen setup. The cost of the software is not much compared to the whole setup you will need. Just my opinion… I will be interested in hearing other people’s experiences using green screen.

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I will be looking forward to having the virtual background feature available. Thanks in advance.

This is requested occasionally by our users. I know our developers have considered it, but I cannot say for sure if it ever will be implemented. In the meantime, third-party services like the one mentioned above by Pat are the best option.

But can anyone describe for me what they would want it to look like? Because many of the examples I have seen have been of questionable value. I find it hard to take someone seriously when their head is floating on a beach, or over a backdrop of New York City. Apart from looking a bit silly, it’s also a problem for me if the speaker moves around just a little bit and their face disappears momentarily until the background adjusts, it is quite distracting.

So what are some examples that people making this request have in mind?