Virtual Background?

We need to have a VIRTUAL BACKGROUND option, like the app ZOOM has.
(just google “zoom virtual background” and look at the images).
For those times when we don’t always want what’s behind us to be seen.
(those portable green screens are not a good solution).


Yes please get a virtual background for us so my patients dont see my kids running around! I don’t want to buy that huge white backdrop just for this.


Definitely need a virtual background.


I totally agree we need a VIRTUAL BACKGROUND, especially since my practice is teletherapy only right now. I have no place to put a large, green circle. It’s simply not practical.

We don’t have a specific timeline for adding the virtual background ability, but it is something we are looking at adding potentially by the beginning of next year.

Currently, we recommend using ManyCam if you are in need of a virtual background.