Visible start time

I’d like to see what time is logging the start of each session while I am in it (alongside the session duration) rather than having to subtract the runtime from the current time showing on my screen.


Agreed. It used to do this, but now is running about three minutes ahead of the start time. Also, no chime when client checks in anymore.

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I really wish there was an auditory notification when a pt is in the waiting room. Otherwise I’m stuck staring at the screen until I see a login.

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Good luck trying to get support from these people. I have made many calls and escalated the problems and no one ever gets back to me. I am currently looking for another solution.

if you enable text massaging, your text will ding when someone enters the room, thats what I do and its helpful

Thank you so much, Amy!

I tried to enable text or any notifications. It’s only available if you upgrade. In my opinion, that should be part of the basic package.

I have always gotten a chime on my phone and aping from the email - set up in notifications.

In the past, my computer would chime every time the client signed in. My notifications were and continue to be enabled, so it’s unclear why this stopped working. I would prefer not to use my email or cell phone as the source of the notification when the doxy program has it as a feature. If a tech person can weigh in on this issue, it would be helpful to hear from you.