Visually impaired unable to access

Hello I have a provider who is visually impaired that can use doxy although she says it is not easy. However, visually impaired patients are unable to use their screen readers to access the dashboard. Needless to say I’m surprised with so many tech advancements that doxy can’t do this when zoom can do it. I would like a hippa compliant software like doxy to let me know if disability access is in the works.

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Hi @maryjo thank you for your comment. We are actively working on this at It’s not the quickest thing for us to solve be we are making progress. Our first goal is to ensure our patient side is accessible on mobile devices since the majority of patients use mobile.

I’m sure you have also worked on potentially having integrated interpreters. We use companies that can do telephone or in person or have their own proprietary software for interpretation for other languages. It would be nice if there was a out-of-the-box solution where we request an interpreter within

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@medhavijogi we have something for you to try in this case :slight_smile:

I will ping you separately since it isn’t ready for prime time, but this is almost ready. We will make a more general announcement in the following weeks.