Vitual Background

How do I enable a virtual background in Doxy?
If this feature is not available, please work
on this as soon as possible. It is both a confidentiality
and a professional presence issue, so is high


They recommend a program called Manycams that is supposed to be compatible with Doxy and has virtual backgrounds. DO NOT waste your time or money. It is a very poor product, not very comparable and although I am fairly tech savvy, I think it only works about 20% of the time. 80% of the time it just gums up the works and won’t even work without even trying to use the virtual background feature. I asked for Doxy to develop their own virtual background feature 2 months ago. I now use a HIPAA compliant version of Zoom almost 50% of the time and may terminate Doxy service if they don’t provide this feature in the next 30-60 days

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I use ZOOM when a patient requests it. To be HIPAA compliant you need the Health Care version that cost $200/month.
As much as I like the virtual background I am not willing to pay $200 to get it.
I use DOXY most of the time, but use another provider for a patient portal for secure communication and paperwork.
I really like being able to take a payment during the session.
I have very little issues with DOXY. I have the paid version because I thought they offered a great value.

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I tried ManyCams also and it did not work. I had uninstall it and then do some registry editing to get rid of the junk ManyCams left behind in order to get my camera to work again. I’ve been more successful with CyberLink YouCam 9 which gives you electronic zooming, avatars and other stuff, not sure if anything but the zooming is useful for therapy visits, though.


I agree that Doxyme must add ASAP a Virtual good working backround so that all precedure be more professional. I bought ManyCam but I am not safistied as it consumes a lot of energy (batteries), the computer fan is constantly working (in my Mac laptop) and there is a delay in image and sound. Also the image quality is not very good especially if I move even a little. I am using Doxyme the last 3 months and genarally I am very satisfied from the platform and I have recomened alsready to several colleagues of mine. I hope to add the virtual backround soon !


Hi. What if you just purchase a screen to set up behind you. It’s a low tech solution.


I agree that this should be part of the doxy bundle, thank you for bringing this up. When my practice opted for the clinical version of doxy, I assumed that, like the zoom version, that it would be included.
Doxy, please build in this feature in a simple way!
thank you.


I would LOVE this feature if it could be added! Anything, doesn’t have to be fancy, even if it’s just a blurred background. I treat transgender patients, and they can be very mindful of their privacy. Also, I am not always in my office when I see patients, and I have had a couple “emergency” visits where I got on with a patient while visiting my mom and I used her bedroom, or I was in my car in a parking lot. Being able to get rid of the unfamiliar and unprofessional background is a huge benefit. LOL!


I also would like to see the virtual background. I also had problems with manycam and with getting it off my computer. I did reach out to support and they were helpful in getting it removed so that I could control my camera. I pay for another service for EHR and would like to use doxyme for video.


I agree
Urgent issue


Try XSplit VCam. It works with Doxy and I LOVE it!!!

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I have a screen set up behind me, and it’s a poor solution. Here’s why: First, I work in a very small space. The screen is right up against the back of my chair, and I could easily knock it over during a session–most unprofessional. Second, a regular 3-panel screen is not wide enough to provide adequate coverage; if I had room to move it back, it would be even less adequate.

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How about a bookshelf? I have this and check often to make sure it looks professional and if not, I move the books around to “stage” it.

Can you elaborate on your experience with Xsplit and tell how to integrate it? i tried manycam and never could get it to work properly. It only showed me, or the “virtual background.” No layering.

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I too would love the virtual background. I am using my kids playroom when I have appts and do have a bookshelf behind me but the legos and toys can sometimes be seen. I’m just glad most of my clients understand the whole dilemma from working home but now I would like to look more professional again as this seems to be my new normal.


It’s a program I bought and it was not expensive.

You could do a doxy call with me and see what it looks like, if you are interested.

Seems to me the simplest is still the best. I am in the attic, bought two five-feet bamboo-weave screens, tied them together. Not elegant, not perfect but they serve the purpose. As for the more “elegant” look I found a model that includes three shelves which are about six-by-seven or eight feet on amazon for about $170.

I, for one, between hacking and phishing, I am skittish about providing information to unknown “service” providers. Until comes up with a better solution I’ll stick to the $30 fix above.

As for the more problematic issue of a stable internet connection between myself and my clients, I have yet to come across a solution to the problem recently discussed on this forum. Someone mentioned Microsoft Meet. It sounds good regarding stability, even self-describes as flexible regarding document transfer and group. I signed up for the free trial but for the life of me cannot follow the directions to make it work.

Open for assistance…

There are free programs such as ManyCam, but the better ones really do work best with the green screen addition. Although I see reports that most green screens are on backlog order due to increased video call demand. Try the free manycam trial and see if its something your comfortable with.

I am definitely wanting a virtual background for the provider. Soon please! I am an individual provider now working from home-which I love, but want a more professional looking background. Please design some and let us choose one that matches for each of us. Thanks !
Also a waiting room that looks like a nice professional waiting room (options) for the patient to see once they click into the waiting room.


I’d have to have a bookshelf wider than a 3-panel screen, and it would have to be in the middle of a small room.